Back in Black!

The Blackair series 5 is quite the best bang per buck car audio in the world.

Multi award winning active bass enclosures, all new black edition speakers and subwoofers, monoblock, four channel and five channel amplifiers with a beautiful piano finish.


MODEL                                  BLACKAIR12D2-V5                   

TYPE                                       Subwoofer

SPEAKER SIZE                   12″

RMS POWER                       550 watts

SENSITIVITY                      89 db

FREQUENCY RESP.         25Hz-1.5kHz

IMPEDANCE                        Dual 2 ohm

MOUNTING DEPTH          283mm

ENCLOSURE VOLUME    1.5-2cu ft

RECOMMENDED AMP     BlackairB2-v1

Magnet Boot for protection.

Foam Surround offers fast, precise damping of the cone.

Torsion Basket provides rigidity and support for motor and moving parts.

Spring Terminal allows for ease of installation for heavy gauge cable.

FEMM MOTOR provides low distortion and linear flux saturation.