Vibe British Audio


Experience unparalleled sound enhancement with Vibe amplifiers, designed with a plug-and-play style fitment that seamlessly integrates into any scenario, whether it’s OEM or aftermarket installations. 


Every element of the Vibe speaker range features custom tooled parts and is engineered for durability and value for money, with clear warm vocal reproduction, accurate, deep bass and crisp high frequencies Vibe speakers are a great sounding speaker range.


Vibe subwoofers are built from the ground up to deliver great sounding bass which can really rattle your trunk!

Pro Audio

If you are looking for the meanest, loudest and deadliest car audio products on the planet then look no further. High performance products featuring ear splitting pro audio speakers, ground pounding subwoofers and the awesome power of the Undertaker amplifier.


Same Car, Same Stereo, Incredible sound – Optisound allows VIBE Audio to be installed into almost any vehicle without the needs for complex installation.

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