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CLRCA2F1MA-V7: Advanced Tripled Shield 2F to 1M RCA Splitter (Pack of 2)


AVASP-V7: Anti Vibe Adjustable Speaker Baffle

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ANTIVIBESDA-V9 : Antivibe Combo Pack

ANTIVIBESDA-V9 : Antivibe Combo Pack

VIBE Presents the Antivibe combo pack, this pack is designed to give you the ultimate sound enhancement for your car. The pack contains 4 sheets of Antivibe sound deadening and 2 sheets of Antivibe absorber

Anti Vibe Sound deadening panels are designed specifically for reducing external noises within the car i.e road noise. Easy to install with self adhesive panels.

Anti Vibe sound absorbing foam is designed specifically for acoustic benefits, its “egg box” design diffuses unwanted sound waves away from the speaker. The clever design allows up to 40% more absorption than a flat material. The absorber is pressure sensitive, this allows the material to be pressed into gaps and then to expand into areas that would otherwise be left bare. The sound absorbing foam has a self adhesive backing allows easily installation.

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